Wearing the right shoe size can be the differentiator between good days and bad.

Imagine this - you see a nice pair of shoes online at an affordable price, so you decide to add them to your cart and check out.

You wait 7-10 days to get the pair on your feet, only to discover that they don't fit right.!

We're sure some of you have experienced this while buying shoes online. No doubt, shopping for shoes online can be super tricky! Despite referring to the brand's shoe size chart, the shoes may still be super uncomfortable or a size too small or big if you don't do your due diligence in measuring your foot size viz a viz the brand's sizes.


Here are a few tips and tricks that can help improve your shoe-shopping experience in the future.

1.Check the size chart (properly!):

An interesting fact about size charts is that one size does not fit all. This simply means that no universal, standard-size chart is used by all stores globally.

Checking the size chart is the most important thing when buying shoes online. Now, we know what you're thinking, "But… I already know my size!"

Not all stores follow the size system, i.e., UK or US size. Every store has a slight difference in its sizing. So, to be safer, check your size before buying.



2.Measuring your feet accurately:

If you're new to buying shoes online, it is vital that you start by measuring your feet at home. First, take a paper and pencil to trace the outline of your feet. Once you get the outline of the feet, measure them from the tip of the longest toe to your heels.

If you don't have time to trace the outline of your feet on a piece of paper, you can also opt to measure the length of your feet using a measuring tape and compare that measurement to the size chart of the store.


But here's the ultimate trick to getting a shoe that fits perfectly to you - measuring the width of your feet. Many people don't even know the right-sized shoe for them, disregarding this crucial measurement.


For example, if you have wide feet, always get a shoe that is one size bigger than the ones you've measured before. Suppose your size is 36; get a size 37 if you have wide feet. (if you're apprehensive about going one whole size bigger, opt for half a size bigger)

1.Go Through Customer Reviews

When buying shoes online, you must check what the previous customers thought about similar products. You can glaze through the ratings and reviews section and take a call about the product's fit based on the customer reviews.

Checking reviews give you a better perspective on the brand. It may help you discover answers to other queries as well.

It is intimidating to shop for shoes online, especially when presented with a plethora of style options and a wide range of trendy choices, but with Tao Paris by your side, you needn't worry! Follow this space for more tips and tricks to build an enviable shoe empire.


Until next time, ladies!