In today's day and age, “sustainability” is the new “IT” word. But have you ever considered what sustainability truly means for you?

IOHO (Read: In our humble opinion): It means living your life in a manner that doesn’t cause any harm to our planet...rather adds to its longevity.

So how can you do your bit to enhance the life of our planet?

1. Plant more trees

2. Buy Tao Paris Shoes!!!

No, we are not promoting our brand baselessly. We’re backed by facts...

Fact 1:

Each of our designs, be it vegan or leather shoes, are made with materials that the earth provides us naturally. Our finest quality material is responsibly and ethically sourced and manufactured!

Fact 2:

Our shoes last you nearly twice as long as the average pair of everyday shoes. Thereby reducing carbon footprint associated with frequent discarding of low quality and fast fashion items.

Each pair of Tao Paris Shoes is handcrafted by Indian artisans, who spend years perfecting their craft, and truly know how to make a perfect pair of high quality shoes.

Fact 3:

With regard to our design philosophy, we have always believed in representing the foot fashion of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Our designs, though in tandem with ongoing trends, have a classic and evergreen appeal to them that transcends mere fads.

Fact 4:

Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Tao Paris is a responsible retailer for ‘you’, our conscious consumer!