7 evergreen pairs that you need to have in your closet
7 evergreen pairs that you need to have in your closet

7 evergreen pairs that you need to have in your closet

Nothing makes or breaks a glamorous look quicker than shoes!

The undisputed queen of accessories and the cherry on top of every outfit, shoes, are sometimes just as important as the outfit itself!

As tempting as it can be to stockpile your closet with sparkly and sky-high heels, do remember that they're not your only style of "essential shoes." Yes, they look great on Instagram, but you nonetheless need a variety of styles (and heel sizes) to pair with all the varied ensembles in your wardrobe!

Think about kitten heels, wedges, gladiators, and flats. With a shoe-drobe that’s a mix of these essential styles, you’ll have a perfect pair for every occasion!

So without further ado, here are the must have shoe styles, to keep you looking trendy from head to toe:




There's nothing better than owning chic flats that you can slip on at any time without a second thought. They're just the upgraded, adult version of your old flip-flops, in a sense. Their high comfort level further adds points to their value. At Tao Paris, not only can you find all the reigning flat-footwear trends, you can also find flats in a myriad of colors that’ll have you lusting after each one of them!




A perfect pair of heels in your arsenal is as important as the quintessential little black dress. It is important to own heels in a host of neutral colors that you can wear to all formal events. Think beige, white, and black heels, and you will never be unprepared. Whilst selecting your ideal pair of heels, you might want to pay close attention to their comfort and fit (remember the pair you bought because you loved their look but cannot wear because they put you in a world of pain with their discomfort? Best to avoid that!). Scroll through this website to find the most delicious pairs of comfortable heels for your consideration!



A great pair of wedges on your shoe rack is a savior when you have social events that require you to stand, network, or walk about for long stretches. These tend to be more stable as they allow your weight to be evenly distributed throughout the sole and not merely on the toes and heels. Wedges should be your go-to for all outdoor events, where pointed heels are certain to sink into soil and grass. A total win, wedges add length to your profile whilst making you appear slender. Check out our Leah wedges; they’re a shoe-drobe must-have!!


Sporty sneakers

A pair of sporty, casual sneakers is your best friend for errands and weekends when you don't change your outfit often. Colorful or neutral - pick whatever makes your heart sing and you’re good to go. But if you ask us for recommendations, we’d suggest white sneakers, as they can be paired with anything.



A good pair of gladiators is arguably the most versatile summer footwear. You can wear them with anything, from denim shorts and a crop top to even a dress at a wedding. Gladiators are wearable, versatile, and will add a little "oomph" whenever you need it. And luckily for you, our gorgeous gladiators are the best in town!



Loafers came into the limelight recently and left us wondering how we survived without them all this while. A pair of loafers make an outfit look more sophisticated and stylish by adding a dash of casual-chicness to it. A classic black or nude pair is your best bet if you're a loafer newbie.


Ankle Boots

Style divas and influencers around the world have been spotted sporting this footwear style throughout the year, thereby totally negating their erstwhile ‘winter-only’ status! Ankle boots are no longer the footwear-faves of the north; their influence has spread far and wide. They look super cute with everything, from short summer dresses to skinny jeans and a top, and thus are absolute requisites. For the chicest ankle boots in town-  watch this space!


Build your ultimate shoe capsule wardrobe with these 7 evergreen pairs. To remain on top of the fashion game and follow us.

See you soon!