The high point of every year for each one of us is when we board a plane to travel for our next adventure!

We spend weeks… nay… months planning each little detail of our holidays. Right from the travel dates to the sightseeing tours, we meticulously plan the trip to the T.

We cover all grounds… well, except the packing of our suitcase… that we leave for the last minute!

Yes, we understand the rationale behind the procrastination (that you might need something from the packed suitcase and end up unraveling the entire bag!). Still, we're also familiar with the last-minute packing anxiety and the resultant forgetfulness.

So, to combat any amnesia-related faux-pas, we've drawn up the travel shoes checklist of your dreams!

A ready reckoner to what you need to carry on your next vacay to nail all those holiday looks you've been dreaming about (and stay comfortable whilst doing so!).


Flats have always been mandatory for any beachside or tropical vacation. But otherwise as well, we've always relied on them for quick errands during everyday life and vacations too!

In recent times, however, the style quotient of flats has seriously evolved. Today you have an array of super stylish flats that also make great travel shoes!

Psst- here, when we say 'travel,' we basically mean leisurely evening strolls, shopping, or anything that doesn't require you to hike or trek.




A trusted pair of sneakers can take you a long way, literally!

Sneakers make the best travel shoes for every type of vacation- be it an adventure-packed trek up in the mountains or an exploration-filled visit to a new city. These shoes are designed to keep you on your feet comfortably for hours.

Luckily for us, this comfortable footwear is also the 'shoe of the hour,' which makes them fashionably acceptable to be worn with literally anything! However, they can't be called formal at all.



Say hello to the stylish cousin of flats, aka sandals! A pair of these are a must during any vacation. Not only are they super comfortable, but they are also considered formal (*read*- wear to all those posh restaurants that don't allow casual flats).

They keep sweat at bay and can easily be worn throughout the day.

Another big plus is that sandals weigh a lot less and are considerably more compact in size viz-a-vi our average stilettoes and can easily be worn instead of the daunting heels!


Block Heels

Hands down the most comfortable heels ever designed, block heels make for very comfortable travel ones, too, especially when you need a little extra height – think Indian destination weddings!

However, they do take up more precious suitcase space, so we recommend carrying only one pair of your favorite block heels on your next travels. And so that they can be easily teamed with multiple outfits- we suggest going in for a neutral color.


That's it on our list of quintessential travel shoes!

Find all the stylish footwear your vacations need only at!

Until again,

Tao Paris.