About Us

About Us


Our brand, Tao Paris, invokes the qualities of its name... innately. Tao is the governing principle of creativity and art, and Paris - the fashion capital of the world!!! Together you have Tao Paris - a footwear brand synonymous with fashion, creativity and style.

With our award winning founders, and sister brand for children’s footwear Aria + Nica, the team at Tao Design Studio have been catering to the footwear market in India and abroad for over three decades!

As experts in design and manufacturing of women’s footwear, the team at Tao Paris aims to address the need for a women’s shoe brand that prioritises fashion, comfort and quality in equal proportions.

With women dominating 60% of our workforce, Tao Paris knows what women truly want- shoes that don’t hurt your toes or your bank...and keep your feet on fleek!

Crafted using only the highest quality material, you can walk a lifetime or perhaps even two, in any of our pairs.


Each one of our 300+ styles are designed and crafted with exactitude and precision, that not only matches international standards, but also sets a benchmark for other manufacturers in the market.

With access to some of the best shoes designers, our styles are the epitome of contemporary and chic footwear fashion...globally!

Sticklers for perfection, we at Tao Paris go above and beyond to ensure that our footwear fits you like a glove, giving you the desired comfort that women have unfortunately grown to stop expecting from stylish shoes.

Every shoe crafted by us, goes through multiple rounds of quality check including a vigorous post production test, so that you - our client, receives the absolute best, every single time.


A truly ‘Glocal’ brand, Tao Paris’s designs are in constant tandem with global fashion trends and style. Be it for the office or a wedding, a brunch or a playdate, we at Tao Paris recognize your footwear needs, and endeavour to address them via chic yet comfortable designs that will stand the test of time. Made with uncompromised quality and standards, our shoes are designed to look and feel fabulous, each time you put them on!

Fashion is fast, but so are we! As we constantly update our style gallery, you will always find what’s in vogue, first, in our collection.