Shoe Bites aren't Love Bites!
Shoe Bites aren't Love Bites!

Shoe Bites aren't Love Bites!

We are all bona fide shoe addicts! Each season we replenish our shoe closet with the season’s latest; and care for each pair like we would a new born child.

Yet, every time we have a long night of fun and dance ahead of us, we take out that old pair of heals we bought a decade back (our lovely yet damaged loyalists)! Ever wondered why? We do this to protect ourselves from the hassles and pain caused by shoe bites.

These painful blisters are often caused by friction between the skin and the shoe, which is a result of the shoe being new and therefore, extra snug. To avoid friction, we need to “break into” the shoe. Which basically means that we have to wear the new pair a couple of times before they stop biting us.

But wearing is what causes the bite, right?

Yes, it is, but only if you wear them for a long time at a single stretch. Also there are always ways to stretch a new pair out (that doesn’t even require you wearing them in the first place), but more on that in a bit.

Its imperative to understand first whether your new shoes qualify to be “broken into”. If you’ve not bought the right size, and the pair is small for your feet, breaking into them wont change their size (so sadly they’ll always be uncomfortable). Also if your shoes’ construction has uncomfortable seams of embellishments on them, breaking into them won’t solve the issue and you’ll have to just live with it.

Now coming to our favorite hacks on breaking into new shoes:

1. Wear them at home

Wear them whilst doing your household chores and take them off when they begin to hurt. Remember, breaking into shoes takes time- don’t expect a bite-less night-out after wearing them for an hour whilst getting ready to go out.

2. Use bandage or petroleum jelly

Certain areas of your foot are more susceptible to being bitten- we’re sure that you’re aware of yours. Use a bandage or smear some petroleum jelly (or oil) over the area to minimize friction and the chances of a bite. 

3. Use a hair dryer

The heat of the blow dryer can help stretch the shoes super easily and quickly as well. Just a word of caution- don’t apply too much heat or else you run the risk of ruining the shoes. Also, as an added protection, you can stuff your shoes with socks before using the blow dryer on them.   


We live hectic lives but we must remember not to ignore shoe bites, and treat them in time before they get worse. Home remedies like rubbing alcohol and an antibacterial cream to stop the infection from spreading helps.

Dear ladies, take care of your feet, they carry you all day long!

Invest in high quality footwear that are comfortable and will last you a lifetime.

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