'Wedge-ing’ Your Way to Fashionable Comfort with Tao Paris!"
'Wedge-ing’ Your Way to Fashionable Comfort with Tao Paris!"

'Wedge-ing’ Your Way to Fashionable Comfort with Tao Paris!"

Nearly a century ago, the legendary Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo revolutionized women's footwear by giving birth to the comfiest style of heels - the wedges!

Wedge heels are iconic for giving ladies the desired posture like stilettos, yet they are comfortable to wear all day (and night) long. Their inherent design enables even distribution of body weight over the foot, allowing you to walk in them comfortably for long hours.

Here at the Tao Paris headquarters, we have always given style and comfort utmost priority while designing stunning pairs for you! So, it’s no surprise that a variety of gorgeous wedges always feature in our collections - from transparent straps to pipe work beauties, we have them all!


Let's be honest, despite their versatility, styling wedges can be a bit tricky. That's why we're here to help you out with our very own 101 guide on how to rock these fabulous flats! So, grab a seat and let's dive into the world of wedge styling:


1.Keep it simple: implemented as a universal daily-style-mantra, it holds  real merit when it comes to styling wedges. These chunky shoes demand a balanced look, which is why it's best to keep your outfit simple and stick with sun-dresses or playsuits. Take our Ayfer wedges, for example, with their sleek multi-levelled straps and versatile colors - they are the perfect match for your short summer dresses!


2.Match the vibe: If you’re sticking to simple styling, we highly advise accessorizing with jewellery that are equal notes, chunky and simple- picture the thick link-chain design necklaces that are all the hype these days! Our Aylin wedges are pure glamour! With their stunning gold straps artfully arranged to create a striking design, these wedges pair flawlessly with edgy and off-beat jewellery.


3.Show off those ankles: Owing to their inherent chunkiness, wedges can make the legs appear slightly shorter. To avoid that "short-coming," it's best to pair your dream wedges with stylish capris or shorts (even three-fourths; that's if they ever come back in vogue). Though all our wedges are designed to elevate your style, we have to give a special mention to our Leah wedges! Styled with a flattering transparent strap, these wedges are truly evergreen and can be paired with just about anything! (Psst! The black ones are on sale - so grab your pair before they go out of stock).


In summary, at Tao Paris, we're all about keeping it comfy and looking oh-so-snappy. Our wedges are designed to make you feel like a queen, even when you're just out and about running errands. We understand that comfort is key, but we also know you want to look and feel trendy!

Our collection of wedges is thus diverse, from classic to funky, there's a style for everyone! So, whether you're headed to brunch with the crew or a night out about the town, Tao Paris wedges will never let you down.

Until again ladies,
Tao Paris