Step into Summer with Happy Feet
Step into Summer with Happy Feet

Step into Summer with Happy Feet

Your Ultimate Guide to Foot Care!

Our feet, the unsung heroes of our daily adventures! From sunrise to sunset, they tirelessly carry us through life's ups and downs (literally!). And when it comes to summer, with its scorching heat and endless escapades, our feet deserve some extra love and attention.

Imagine embarking on that long-awaited exotic holiday, only to be greeted by aching heels and blistered toes. Ouch! It's not the ideal way to start your summer adventures, is it?

But fear not! Your trusted footwear stylist, Tao Paris, is here to be your guiding light on the path to foot care nirvana. We understand the painful plights and have curated expert dermat tips to ensure your feet stay happy, healthy, and fabulous all summer long.

So, slip into your favorite pair of our sandals and get ready to discover the secrets to pampering and protecting your feet:
1. Healthy Feet = Happy Feet
When we talk about "healthy feet," we primarily refer to foot hygiene. It is essential to wear a freshly washed pair of socks while slipping on any closed shoes (yes, even our favorite pair of ballerinas). This ensures that the sweat from our feet doesn’t get locked in the materials of the shoes, protecting it from fungal infections and unbearable odour. Wearing socks with new shoes is also a great way of protecting our feet from the love bites they give us in the initial phase of our relation with them.
2. Drink for the supportive soles!
If you haven't heard it enough, let's emphasize it once more: hydration is the secret to happy and healthy skin, even the skin on your fabulous feet! But foot hydration isn't just about water; you need to moisturize those tootsies too. Regular moisturizing not only keeps your feet soft and smooth but also protects them from painful cracks and pesky calluses.

Our top recommendation? Treat yourself to a weekly foot mask ritual that not only pampers your feet but also promotes better blood circulation, leaving them hydrated, healthy, and gorgeously fabulous!
3. (Maintaining) Nails (is an) Art!
Let's spill the truth here: taking care of your nails is a piece of cake! Trust us, you don't want to deal with the agony of ingrown toenails. To keep your nails strong and fabulous, make sure to trim them regularly and give them some love with cuticle oil. While you could splurge on fancy pedicures, the basic nail care can be easily tackled at home too. So, embrace the DIY spirit and let your nails shine like the stars they are!
Invest in comfortable shoes. At Tao Paris, we live by the #COMFORTREND motto because we know what your shoes need: comfort and trendiness, in that exact order! Our mission is to make every pair ridiculously comfortable and outrageously trendy. Don't believe us? Take a peek at our latest collection and prepare to be amazed! Your feet will thank you, and your style will be on point!

To sum it up, in the sizzling summer heat, our feet need some serious attention. Fresh socks and regular moisturizing are the secret weapons to keep them happy and healthy. And with Tao Paris by your side, you'll have the perfect accessories to rock those summer looks like a boss!

So, let's give our feet the love they deserve and strut through summer with confidence and flair!

Until again,
Tao Paris