Dancing (Shoe Guide for the) Queen
Dancing (Shoe Guide for the) Queen

Dancing (Shoe Guide for the) Queen

We women are supernovas of talent! Shapeshifters who magically adapt to all roles life rolls our way! We are the real-life superheroes who can do it all… Whether it's conquering the boardroom or rocking the dance floor, we always manage to slay!

Every once in a while, though; we want to let down our hair, strap on our pretty heels and head out for a night of fun and dance! But more often than not, the nights are cut short with aching heels and bludgeoned toes (*ouch* just the thought of it, pains)!

With that vision clouding our (sic fashion) judgements, we ditch the heels and opt for comfier homes for our feet.

But fret not, because at Tao Paris, we've got your back (and your feet)! Say goodbye to uncomfortable shoes that ruin your night and hello to stylish and comfy footwear that will make you feel like a queen on the dance floor.

We've got everything from stunning heels to pro-tips on foot-care, so you can dance the night away without a care in the world. Because let's be real, who has time for sore feet when there's so much fun to be had?

First things first- here’s what you need to look for whilst shopping for your dancing heels:

1.A comfortable and secure fit- Shoes with an ankle straps are the perfect choice for long nights of dancing. Not only do they provide a comfortable and secure fit, but they also add an extra level of support. And we've got just the pair for you - our Tessa heels! With their gladiator-style straps winding around the foot, they're both stylish and comfortable.

2.Anti-skid heels- Slippery dance floors can be a buzzkill for every dancing diva out there, especially if you're wearing heels! But with Tao Paris, you can groove your heart out without worrying about slipping and sliding on the dance floor. Our footwear collection comes with anti-skid heels, designed to provide gentle friction that keeps you grounded and secure. Take our stunning Alev heels, for instance. Not only are they bedazzled with sparkle-encrusted entwined straps, but they're also perfect for letting you shine on the dance floor with confidence and comfort. Say goodbye to slippery soles and hello to non-stop dancing with Tao Paris!


3.Go for heels, in accordance with the dance style: Ladies, it's time to match your heels with the dance style! Because let's face it, not all heels were created equal. For instance, salsa dancing calls for high heels, while wedges work great for a more casual dance scene. But when it comes to wedges, you can't go wrong with our Buse wedges! With soft padded soles that provide extra comfort and studded straps that add an extra oomph to your outfit, these wedges are total showstoppers! Add them to your shoe-drobe and get ready to turn heads on the dance floor!

  1. Walk before you dance! You probably already know this, but before you head out to paint the town red- wear your shoes down. New shoes (inevitably and unfortunately, always) give shoe bites- you have to get them to open up before you wear them for a long night out! To know more on how to avoid shoe bites and wear your shoes down (painlessly!!) read our blog Shoe Bites aren't Love Bites!

    So there you have it, ladies! When it comes to dancing shoes, it's all about finding the perfect balance between style and comfort.

    From heels with ankle straps for a secure fit to anti-skid soles for confident moves, Tao Paris has got you covered. So next time you hit the dance floor, step up your game with our stunning collection of dance shoes and let your feet do the talking!

         Until again,
         Stay stylish ladies!