Shoe Care 101
Shoe Care 101

Shoe Care 101

After all, they add the all-important finishing touch to your ensemble and literally make or break a "look". 
Your shoes even determine how you feel at the end of a long day!
Comfortable shoes will keep you happy and active all day; uncomfortable ones will leave you exhausted, in pain and annoyed just a few hours into your day.
These invaluable assets in our wardrobe require care and attention that can help increase their lifespan and keep them looking fresh and new. 
Don't worry, our suggestions are simple, efficient and gentle on your wallet!


1. Keep the moisture at bay

    Shoes are not water babies. They detest moisture. 
    Apart from ageing the material of your shoes faster, moisture can even lead to the development of bacteria that causes fungal infections on foot. 
    Since you can hardly control the weather, one way to keep the moisture away is by using desiccants like silica pouches that absorb the moisture in the air. Alternatively, you can also use paper stuffing in your shoe, just make sure to change it every fortnight. Paper stuffing also helps maintain the shape of the shoe. A win win!
    Pro Tip: Avoid using newspapers as the stuffing; the ink can bleed onto light surfaces.


    2. Dust off the dirt and dust

      Yeah, shoes don't like dust either. But then again, who does?
      Dust ages the shoes faster and leaves them looking worn and lacklustre. Use a dust bag to store your shoes and make it a habit to clean them every once in a while, especially if you don't wear them regularly.
      Pro Tip: Keep your daily wear home slippers away from your formal shoes.

      3. Block the Sun off

        Like with your skin, the sun isn't particularly kind to your shoes either.
        Direct sunlight can ruin the texture and colour of the shoes, leaving them looking dated. It is best to store your shoes in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

        4. Let them breathe

        Shoes like air!
          Don't choke them by storing them in plastic bags and boxes. The ideal way to store shoes is to always keep them in a cloth bag.

          5. Sole cleansing

            Nope, you needn't whisper positive quotes to them. They're heartless and don't care about your words! But their soles still need cleaning. 
            Listen to your mum's advice and wipe your shoes on the doormat before entering your home, ensuring your floors and your shoes will remain squeaky clean.

            6. Protective Services 

              Save heels from going 6 cm under! 
              Heels have a shorter life than other shoe styles because they get buried into the ground every time we slip them on. And before long, the wear and tear starts to show. 
              Use heel protection caps to save shoe tips from getting frayed quickly... a great way to ensure your heels last you a whole lot longer than usual.


              7. Don’t be clingy


              We all have that one pair of shoes we love wearing all the time. But like any healthy relationship, they too need space!
              Don't over-wear shoes; they wear and tear faster. If you prefer a particular design and fit over others, might we recommend having two of the same in different colours perhaps so that you can keep alternating between the different pairs!
              Take care of your shoes, and they'll take care of you!
              Follow this space for more on what your feet need to remain on fleek.
              Au Revoir!